Pulse Oximeter, Portable

Cat No : CDMD 2028

Portable Pulse Oximeter MD-600P which is a non-invasive measuring instrument for SpO2 and pulse rate.

Saturation Range                  0% to 100%
Pulse Rate Range                30 bpm to 250 bpm
Display                                Oxygen saturation, pulse rate, pulse search indicator and low battery indicator
SpO2 Accuracy                    ±2% between 80% to 100%
Pulse Accuracy                    ±1% of full scale
Default Alarm Settings           SpO2 upper limit: 100%
SpO2 lower limit: 85%
Pulse rate upper limit:150bpm
Pulse rate lower limit:30bpm
Power Requirements              DC 6 volts by 4 alkaline AA batteries
Operating Temperature           0℃ to 55℃
Dimensions                           172mm×90mm×36mm
Weight                                  240g